Wednesday, January 05, 2011

French Mood

Recently I found a bag in my closet full of pictures, post cards and tour-guides from my trip to the wonderful City of Lights. Paris. So many great memories came to mind :) It's a beautiful city, I really want to go back there to spend some time with my friend, walking down the streets, stopping for coffee and macarons in lovely cafes, having ratatouille and wine for dinner :) Paris!..

Нашла сегодня сумку у себя в гардеробе с фотографиями, открытками и путеводителями из поездки в Париж. Нахлынули воспоминания :) Это очень красивый и удивительный город, очень хочется туда вернуться, прогуляться по улицам, забегая в уютные кафешки, выпить кофе и съесть макарунc, a на ужин заказывать вино и рататуйи :) Париж!..


  1. lovely post!! I like your blog! I hope you'll visit mine and if you want we can follow each other! kisses!

  2. when did you go to paris? I've never been, but I was almost going to make a rather random trip this february. Miss you!

  3. Jo, I was there 2 years ago. Wish I could join you to visit Paris in february =)