Wednesday, March 09, 2011

How To Get Naturally Gorgeous Eyelashes

Hi guys! Today I decided to make a post about eyelashes :) Lately, I've been receiving a lot of compliments about my eyelashes. There was even one lady at the grocery store who asked if my eyelashes were real. But the most hilarious and cute situation happened last Saturday. I was at my friend's house, and her grandma came to visit from Florida. When she saw me, she exclaimed: "My! What gorgeous eyelashes you have!" I thanked her and said that I used the lash enhancer, and my eyelashes grew longer. She immediately asked the name of the enhancer and mascara I used, I helped her to write down the names. And the name of the store where I got it from. She said she'll get it. My friend's grandma is 84 years old :) 
So I decided to share my experience with you since I know how much we all love long and fluffy eyelashes :)
At first I was very skeptical about trying something that would make my eyelashes longer but now as I see the results I'm very happy :) StimuLashFusion from Fusion Beauty promised longer and thicker eyelashes in 6 weeks. To tell you the truth it took 2 months for my eyelashes to start growing (I applied the enhancer along upper lash line every night before going to bed, and I'm still doing it). My eyelashes really became longer and thicker! And it's noticeable! When I look up, they touch the eyebrows :) I wish I took pictures of my eyelashes before I started using the enhancer. I didn't. But that's how my eyelashes look now. Honestly, in real life they look more dramatic than on pictures. I'm currently using Diorshow Black Out Mascara. I would definitely recommend this enhancer to those who are not into fake eyelashes and who want their eyelashes be naturally longer and beautiful. Please, feel free to ask any questions! 
Have a great day, everyone! Kisses.

And here they are, my magic tools :) the StimuLashFusion from Fusion Beauty and Diorshow Black Out Mascara. 


  1. So jealous! You have amazing eyelashes, I need to use about 4 different mascaras to create long effect, but never as long as yours, awesome!

    <3 Cess O.

  2. You have very beautiful eyes!!! And eyelashes :)

  3. You're right! First, your eyelashes are soooo long! I'm jealous! Your eyes look beautiful but still natural, that's the kind of look I'm looking for! (How many times can you put look in one sentence? haha).
    Thanks for following me! Besides, if you want to read my text as well, use google translator on the left side of my blog!

  4. thanks for coming by and your comment!
    beautiful eye color you have!!!


  5. Aww, thanks lovies! :)

  6. Я никогда не могла определить точный цвет твоих глаз..иногда они были как миндаль,иногда что-то ближе к серому,а вроде и зеленому...в общем,я оказывается так точно и не знаю.Но твои глаза всегда производили фурор и кто-то даж не мог запомнить твое имя,но глаза по-моему запоминали все.Что же будет твориться сейчас?У тебя такие ресницы,это действительно коласальный труд и чтоб добиться такого результата нужно ого-го сколько терпения.Вот теперь придется ходить с табличкой: "НАТУРАЛЬНЫЕ", дабы не думали,что это проделки салонов красоты и "волшебство" наращивания :))))))А у меня лично,когда я увидела эту тему и твои глаза,сразу в голове всплыла песня Светы..помнишь???Твоииии глазааааа,самые нежные на свете...твоииии глазааааа,их почему-то любит ветер....

  7. Spasibo, moya horoshaya!!!!!!!!!!

  8. So gorgeous! I love your chic style & your thoughtful posts!

  9. Aww! Thank you very much :)

  10. Wow that sounds great!
    I've got Asian lashes, which means they are short and they don't curl.
    Luckily I haven't got the worse Asian lashes, but I've looked for a good enhancer for a while already, I'm very skeptical as well, don't want to spend money on something what wont work of course...

    Gonna search for this one on the Internet (:

  11. Hi Jan, I would definitely recommend this enhancer, I know it's not cheap but it worked! Give it a try :)

  12. the blonde hair and eyes of Katherine Heigl is very attractive, she is very beautiful too., do eyelashes grow back?

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