Friday, August 16, 2013


Beyond excited about this weekend. Not that I have anything special planned, just an idea of sleeping in makes me absolutely happy. I'm telling you, as I get older, it takes less to make me happy. I have yet to figure out if it's a good thing. Have a nice weekend! xo

Выходные! И радости нет предела, что наконец-то можно поспать подольше. 
Слушала сегодня Линду! "Никогда" и "Северный ветер"... словно вернулась в прошлое, столько воспоминаний. Удачных всем выходных! хо 

Sézane sweatshirt, J Brand jeans, Zara heels


  1. аааа Линда! Музыка моего детства!! и да, особенно эти две песни

  2. Beautiful as always!

  3. Ahh sleeping in is one of the greatest parts of my weekend, too! Love this sweatshirt and how you dressed it up with those fab heels! :)

    sorelle in style

  4. Love this look. J Brand jeans are serious quality.

  5. love your outfit: beauty in simplicity...

  6. last weekend all i did was eat, sleep and drink wine.
    it was magnificent. hope yours is just as glorious!

  7. Great Look! ♥

    With love,

  8. I love your pairing with the fresh clean white jeans! X

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  9. love love love this outfit!

  10. Those are great white jeans and i loved how it looked paired with the sweatshirt. You totally pulled this off. I love your shoes too. You look good in that outfit. About sleeping, i would love to do that! I want to sleep the whole day but i can't. Anyway, i hope you gave a good weekend.

  11. Looove your white jeans. They fit you like a dream!

    Xo, Hannah

  12. I think you look amazing here! The epitome of casual chic.

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  14. Sezane shoes are really pretty! Thank you for sharing!
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